Presale closed, thank you to all of our community who participated! Now let's get to work!



  • Presale launch
  • Contract audit
  • Launch on PancakeSwap
  • Start of Launchpad development
  • Completion of Token Launchpad
  • KYC integration
  • Integration of Tier System
  • Third party listings
  • Anti-scam features



  • NFT Integration
  • Staking
  • Integration with Ethereum
  • Integration with Polygon
  • Integration with Polkadot
  • Launch of NFT development
  • Launch of NFT Collection
  • Integration with Avalanche
  • Integration with Solana
  • Integration with Cardano
  • More to be announced...



We're building an NFT and Token Launchpad dedicated to pumping the most promising NFT and blockchain projects. The fundamental structure of our launchpad will feature high community involvement, which will be reflected in our staked amount of $Pumpit. Our main objective is to be the most innovative, community-driven project out there. We are already in the preliminary design stages and have compiled the strongest team imaginable to deliver a game-changing product. Mr Pump IT, this is for you!


Update Tokenomics

6% Founders wallet
Locked - 10% tokens released monthly starting from 3 months after launch date

5% Development wallet
Locked - 10% tokens released monthly starting from 3 months after launch date

5% Marketing wallet

10% Presale wallet

15% Community - Charity - Rewards
Locked - 5% of tokens released monthly from launch date

20% Burn address
Locked - descending burn of 5% of the remaining tokens supply per month starting from 1 month after launch date

39% Exchanges wallet


Buy tax 5%
5% marketing wallet

Sell tax 20%
8% buy back wallet
5% liquidity
7% marketing wallet

Launchpad wallet
33% Operational Team
34% $PumpIT Holders
33% Marketing

  • Will there be a $PumpIT presale or team allocation?

    10% of the total supply of $PumpIT will be released via presale. The presale tokens are already locked and will be airdropped in installments within a 3-month period to protect the project from an early dump.

  • How do I buy $PumpIT?

    Initially, $PumpIT will be listed on Pancakeswap as a BEP20 token and will be possible to purchase using any wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain.

    To do so, simply connect via your wallet browser to Pancakeswap then copy the token address and swap your BNBs for $PumpIT.Please set slippage at 12% -15 %

  • What exchanges will $PumpIT be listed on and what are your plans for future listings?

    Currently, we are listing on PancakeSwap. However, we are already in discussion with multiple centralized exchanges on which we plan to list when the $PumpIT project reaches certain thresholds.

    Stay tuned to the $PumpIT Telegram to be first to hear of listings on any and all new exchanges.

  • How does $PumpIT plan to create awareness and ensure mainstream adoption?

    $PumpIT will generate awareness and cultivate mainstream adoption by leveraging the incredible power of memes and aggressive marketing. Thanks to $PumpIT's fantastic tokenomics, the $PumpIT treasury is already healthily funded. This allows us to continually push existing and develop new utility projects of incredible strength.

    More importantly, $PumpIT is able to market its brand aggressively, creating mainstream awareness about our goals and the amazing utility projects we're pushing.

  • Will $PumpIT launch NFTs?

    Yes! $PumpIT is already building its own token and NFT launchpad and, at some near point in the future, will launch its own NFT collection.As you'd expect, $PumpIT NFTs will come packed with incredible benefits - both within the $PumpIT ecosystem and IRL - for our beloved community members.